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Merlin 4 Live Display Vendor

Special Offer !!!

($6000 + GST INC. Coin mech & Note Reader)

Key Features:

  • Front display showing 10 actual product with selection switches.
  • Delivery Sensor: Our field proven, impact delivery sensor reliably detects the product as it vends
  • Vend Motors: Each column has a direct drive 24 -volt motor guaranteed for 5 years and 3 months
  • Rock Solid Exterior: Tough, durable, vandal-resistant exterior; Stands up to the elements, prolongs vender life
  • Automatic Clock: Programmable to automatically switch to and from daylight savings time
  • Electronic Refrigeration: Efficient, maintenance-reducing system saves money and repairs
  • Computer Port: Allows fast data retrieval
  • Flexibility: Supports multi-drop bus coin mechanisms, note validators and card readers
  • High Capacity Stack: Engineered for maximum product capacities
  • Full Escrow Vend Capabilities: Allows for alternative selection or change return if selection empty or jammed
  • Programmable LED Display
  • ISO 9002 Certification: One more example of our commitment to quality products
  • Menu Style Programming: Merlin IV programming is user-friendly for field technicians, and extremely versatile:
  • space to sales (custom or selection of factory set options)
  • variable vending depths
  • access to sales data, historic counts, and resettable individual cycles
  • multiple and individual price and discount price options


plus a variety of real time timer controlled options

  • lighting
  • pricing
  • refrigeration