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Vision Vendor 500

($9000 + GST INC. Coin Mech & Note Reader)

The Royal Vision Vendor 500, the Next Generation, Drink Vendor

  • Precision Delivery System for upright product delivery
  • Delivers product without Free Fall, thus eliminating product foaming
  • Mechanical Simplification for Enhanced Reliability
  • No Wiring or Motors on the Precision Delivery System
  • No Solenoids, Wiring or Swithches in or on the Product Shelves
  • 5 individual Pull Out Shelves
  • Accommodate 40 SKU's
  • First In, First Out (FIFO) dispensing
  • Standard Footprint (90cm x 94cm) for easy vendor placement
  • Able to be "stacked" in inventory
  • Electronic Refrigeration
  • Delivery Optic Sensor for Vend Validation
  • Energy Star Compliant


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Vision Vendor 500 and Vision Vendor 400 the same?

No, the Vision Vendor 400 was a limited run prototype that uses a mechanical system for product delivery. The Vision Vendor 400 is no longer available for purchase.